Sr.  Name  Designation  Email Addres Cell No Full Time/Part Time Qualification On Job Experience (Previous+ Current)
1 Dr. Awais Adnan Director 0333-9129742 Full time  PhD 17 Years
  Mr. Abdul Qadus Manager University Industry Linkage 0345-8589090 Full time  MS Management Sciences 11 Yeards
2 Ms. Muska Mukhtar Manager Research Operations 0333-9318182 Full Time MS Economics 3 Years 
4 Mr. Babar Jamil  Manager Research Development  0333-9345400 Full time  Master of Sciences (UK) 8 Years
5 Mr. Adnan Ameen Khan Assistant Manager University-Industry Linkages and TechnologyTransfer 0346-9429 249 Full Time  Master (18 years education)  10 Years
6 IN PROCESS Assistant Manager Research Operations          
7 Mr. Haseeb Ahmad Administrative Assistant 0300-9888440 Full time  MBA 10 Years 
8 Miss Nahida Noor Internee 0335-4555519 Full time  18 years education  7 Months
11 Mr. Asif Khan Internee 0331-9021052 Full time  18 years education  2 Months
12 Qaiser Ayub Accountant 0321-9003264 Part Time  MBA 6 Years 
13 Wajeeh ul Hasan  HR Officer 0333-5253138 Full time  MS (HR) 13 Years
14 Danish Tariq
Publication/Communication Specialist 0321-9865954 Full time  BCS 8 Years 
15 ORIC Centerlized Email Address ORIC email address is a group address , mail to this address is forwarded to all the ORIC Team in IM|Sciences Peshawar