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    I would like to know, what are those points that you want to be discussed at the Reunion?
    There is going to be a discussion with the management and faculty where we would be directly talking to them regarding different issues. What do you want to be discussed?

    • every participant in the reunion should be given a special certificate from the University. ”A Thank you Certificate for being part of IMSciences Family” But only to those who are coming for the reunion.

    • Number 2: IMSciences should pay special respect/tribute to their Alumni by playing a video (pictures) via Multimedia during the reunion. Ask only those students who have paid the registration fee and is coming, Ask them to send you their best picture, that will be played during the reunion, as a tribute.

    • By doing so will surely definitely guaranteed bring charm to the reunion and every participant will leave with good memories. you people still have enough time to arrange what I have recommended. It is not hard to do it, if only you people stop being Lazzzyyy…